My philosophy

An interior should be something like one’s own self.Whenever I conceive a piece, I think about it in terms of the space it will inhabit. But morethan that, it should reflect a unique art of living. Put alongside other pieces, sometimes it will accentuate the décor; sometimes melt into its milieu. First, my eye is drawn to older pieces. What interests me is the possibility of fusing the history of a piece with the lines of today. In particular I seek out furniture from the 1920s to the 1960s, with an eye to their original production qualities, their functions and their individuality. This period also provides inspiration for my own creations, newly made and custom made for each client. From here, I take over the lines of the piece, to the point of challenging its forms, at the same time questioning its function. Now it becomes Object. Enriching the piece with materials such as mother-of-pearl, eggshell, sharkskin, gold leaf, fabric, leather and photography, I interpret the object anew and make it something more. Finally comes the lacquer coating - the unifying element of my compositions; it bestows durability and impermeability, emphasizing the lasting nature of the piece. Through its satinfinish and smooth touch, the transparency and depth of the colours are revitalized. With an approach that is simultaneously intuitive, sensual and sensitive, I create an alliance of materials, motifs and colors to achieve a unique piece. This approach, married to a deep attention for the fusing of the old and the new, is at the core of what I do.

Gwenaëlle Chassin de Kergommeaux